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Dec 08, 2017 - 24:53

The day has finally come... I'm proud to announce the launch of my shirt company, Shat Tag. It was a long time in the making, but I've finally gotten everything the way I wanted (which is saying a lot, considering I am a perfectionist). I currently have six shirts for men and six for women, though I know I'll be printing more designs in the future. I took a pretty big financial leap with my first run, but I am incredibly proud that my research, persistence and communication paid off. A lot of my friends know me as only a musician, but I am also a computer nerd. The first designs on here reflect both my nerd tendencies as well as my nihilism disguised as dad jokes. I hope you guys can take the time to like my page, share it with your friends, and give me any feedback you might have. I did everything completely MYSELF, designs included (and before my friend/co-worker helped me out with getting PS, I made them in paint lolololol). Wait, I lied. I didn't do the screen printing, Threadbird did. But I paid them to do it, so maybe it counts??? Looking to get some sweet photos up once the new year begins. But for now, y'all will have to settle for selfies in shatty (GET IT ERMERGERD) lighting. Thanks to everyone who said I could do it! (Which was no one, since I didn't really announce it.) A unicorn once said, "At least I believe in myself." And today, I finally feel like I do. xox -M #shattag #shattagswag #girlboss #nerd #tech #shirtcompany #tshirt #technology #technologist #nerdy #reddit #networking #sysadmin #cisco #microsoft #womenwhohack #womencoders #womeninstem #womenempowerment #smallbusiness #orlando #network #voip #ccna


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Get it!
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Congratulations on your journey! I'm also looking yo start that venture. Any advice, tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you