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We meet each Sunday at the Lawrence Regal Southwind Theatre in Lawrence. 3433 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS Service times are 9am and 1030am!

It’s Sunday! Best day of the week! Looking forward to seeing you at 9am or 10:30am at the Lawrence Regal Southwind Theatre! #anchorlawrence #thesearchfor
What a better way to followup on a huge #kubball win but to go to church at the movies! Join us tomorrow at 9am or 10:30am at the Lawrence Southwind Regal
Tomorrow we start a #NewSeries at AnchorKids! A Big Fish! A study in the life of Jonah and how important it is to share your faith with your friends! Bring
One of our favorite quotes at Anchor! The Anchor Experience is not complete without serving! It’s our culture and it’s our DNA! Be a person who serves!
Finding Happiness becomes a reality when we are consumed with serving other people. If we truly love people then we will serve them. Serving leads to Conte
Time to #MEETtheCREW at Anchor! This is Josh and Megan Olafson! They are our Tech Team Leads! If you like to have fun, laugh, watch movies, and talk all th
In our Search for Happiness we have to stop comparing ourselves with other people. We are on our own journey. Stop comparing your weaknesses with their per
Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is truth. Love is protection. Love is trust. Love is hope. Love is perseverance. Love never fails! #HappyValentinesDay
Start today being grateful for everything in your life. The great things and the frustrating things. Gratefulness is a habit you can create for yourself. #
Contentment is Confidence. Contentment is Courage. Contentment is Satisfaction.
Contentment is Security.
#anchorlawrence #thesearchforhappiness #content #c
Contentment leads you toward Happiness! In a world constantly trying to change content with who you are, what you own, and what you have offer the
Today is the best day of the week! It’s going to be a great morning! Bring a friend and join us at the Lawrence Regal Southwind Theatre at either 9am or
Tomorrow is the best day of the week! Bring a friend and join us at the Lawrence Regal Southwind Theatre at either 9am or 10:30am for the Anchor Sunday Mor
Tomorrow is our favorite day of the week! So excited to see you! Check out our #SetList for tomorrow! #anchorlawrence #anchorworship #lawrence #lawrenceks
We are tasked with being known for our love! Giving Hope to people means we love them unconditionally! Be a person who is known for you love of everyone ar
Your story can change the life on another person! Live Out Hope so others can see the Real You! When they see the Authentic You, it will Encourage them to
Hope give us the ability to look forward to better days ahead realizing we have Extraordinary Potential! Be a person who seized your opportunities with a l
We love to #GiveBack at Anchor! Last month because people in our church checked-in on Facebook and tagged us on Instagram we were able to help partner with
Find Hope! Live Hope! Give Hope! Today, be a person who is going to Let Hope In. To Live Hope, you have to Find Hope. To Give Hope, you have to Live Hope!
Excited to introduce our New #TalkSeries that we are going to start this Sunday! The Search for Happiness! We will be spending the next few weeks talking a
Hope that’s found in Jesus is both Firm and Secure. We can have faith that this Hope is Constant and something we can be Confident in! Decide today to #L
Want to check out the #SetList our Worship Team will play tomorrow? Here is our #SetList for tomorrow! #anchorlawrence #anchorworship #lawrence #lawrenceks
Hope to see you tomorrow at the Lawrence Regal Southwind Theatre at 9am or 10:30am. We finish up our talk series on #LetHopeIn #HopeforLawrence #Hopeforthe
It’s awesome to be a church in the greatest college town in America! Tonight @kuhoops has a big game against #KSU! Let’s go Jayhawks! Bring home that w