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Anton Karlsson


Outdoor entusiast, travel photographer driven by passion. Life is an adventure, follow mine here🌊🏔

Feels good to call this my new home!🇨🇭📸 @rikardlandrin
Wild deer herd🦌
On top of ”Skurugata”, great views from here⛰🌲
Deers running wild into the sunset🦌 TB from a Swedish summer evening🇸🇪
Balangan sunset🙌🏽
🔥Relaxing at the beach bonfire after a long day of surfing🌊
After several weeks in the freezing Himalayan mountains it was fantastic to defrost in Indo🌅
“Do not challenge nature. There can only be one winner. Negotiate your way forward as the guest of the terrain, and the host will be generous”🏔🇳
On top of the pyramid🏔
Being out in the mountains makes me feel free like the birds!
Great views of Mt Everest (8848m)🏔🦅
Summiting Gokyo Ri (5357m) in the early morning🙌🏽 What a great feeling!🇳🇵