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watercolor designer/illustrator 🐱tools acc @ashiyadiary 📩 Patreon, Twitter, YouTube @ashiyaart 🚫DO NOT REDRAW! My store⬇

this is the last page of my Jane sketchbook! They came back home🏠 Im making this sketchbook into a new zine, it will be available at my store soon yey!
filmed this sketch 😁🎬🌿
tools account @ashiyadiary 😸
Today I want to talk about another book Ive read recently, called Paint yourself calm by Jean Haines.
This book teach us how to not be afraid of waterco
New video on my channel! 🎬 Im showing you my workplace and how I organize stuff for work! I hope it will be interesting for you to watch💕 https://yo
So, since Im finally home its time to try the stuff Ive got before leaving and make a review for you!😀 These watercolor brushpens Ive got from @kick
another page in Jane sketchbook is done, almost finished everything!
the August picture youve asked so much for😅😅 My shop will be opened this Saturday, Im sorry for the delay, Im trying to recover myself from my tri
New video is on my channel!🎬
and Im finally back home from my vacation trip! I need some time to get myself together and I
Luna Lovegood I drew as commission for @lostgirl1991💖 thank you very much for commissioning me and giving me a chance to draw this cutie!😁
filmed these mori girls🍃
Happy new year guys!🎊🎄 (Actually drew this as a Christmas present for @basti____a ❤)