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On a bicycle trip fromđŸ—Œ Paris to Hong Kongâ˜ș ✹Witnessing the ingenuity and spiritual values of this world's cultures youtube▶basileverhulst

The Sikh Golden Temple is one of the most sensational places I have been. The temple and its surrounding are imbued with spiritual energy. Imagine the gold
What!? Im here? I cant believe this! .
This border crossing is very special.  One can feel the rivalry between both countries in the
This is my last night in Pakistan. This country has made me reflect more about the western world than any other place I have been before. I have written an
Glad I have a sony alpha 6000 to take pictures. Here a scene in Lahore in front of Masjid Wazir Khan
Today I crossed the 10.000 km mark! I cant believe Ive come so far. So many splendid places! So many wonderful people!

Looking back, I already feel that
Compared to the rest of Pakistan, Islamabad is modern, clean, and liberal.
Tonight is my last night in the Pakistani mountains. Soon ill bike south towards Islamabad, Lahore and then India. I feel immense gratitude for all those
Biking through the Hunza Valley has been some of the most refreshing and imposing experiences in my life. The mountains unfolded in front of me as the wind
I made it to the Gate of China! At 4700m, this is the highest paved border crossing in the world. Temperature showed -30° Celsius. It was predictably clos
Driving north to the upper extremity of the  Karakoram mountains with some new friends of the Pakistan Army. Those 6000m cones impose respect to everyone i
The closer I get to China as I travel north, the more people change. This man from Gilgit is the first man I saw with thin eyes. I couldnt stop looking at
The Karakoram mountain range lies next to the Himalayas and has high peaks like the K2. Its  people are well educated and warm hearted. One of the most bea
The Hunza Valley!

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This lake didnt exist in 2009. It was created after a landslide created a natural damn and entirely submerged a village and the old Silk Road under it. No
Stopped by the police while filming.
The Karakoram Highway follows the old Silk route which has connected China and India through those mountains for millenia.
In the next days Ill explore as far north as Pakistan goes. Welcome to the Karakoram mountain range!

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On May 2, 2011, U.S SEAL Team Six landed with helicopters on the place in the picture and breached the walls with explosives. Osama Bin Laden was hiding
Architecture is getting exotic. Thats the tomb of the Sufi Rukn-e-Alam. Sufism an order of Islam which searches for God, Love or Truth inside oneself rath
I paid the boys some lunch after a full day of protecting me. They earned it, they brought me wherever I needed, always patient and helping. Some kebab for
Finally, the Indus River! After 2 months biking in the dry desert, I reach the green plains of the Indus Valley. Im mentally prepared for the dense popula