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Gregor Fris


We play bass, we make videos - mostly bass videos. Check the YouTube channel to find out more:

Our review of the new Mayones Viking is now up on our YouTube channel. Check it out and let me know what you think! @mayonesguitars #viking #basstheworld @
The Darkglass Alpha Omicron is a powerful pedal for those in need to move some air around their bass cabs. Check our brand new review on YouTube! @darkglas
Our new video review of the brilliant Bassics BPA-01 preamp is up on our channel. Check it out! #basstheworld #bassics @larslehmannbass
Who built this bass?
Check our YouTube channel! RenΓ© has written an awesome funky little song that we recorded on 2 @adamovicbasses #basstheworld #adamovic @rene_flaechsenhaar
New fun bass in town. This @musicvoxguitars MI-5 sounds crazy good! Demo is coming out soon!
New review of the @khdkelectronics Abyss bass distortion is out! Check our YouTube channel if you want to find out what this has to do with @adele and #cou
New Darkglass videos are coming soon! #m500 and V2 Pedals 😎 @darkglasselectronics @dougdarkglass
The BFX-1 is a really well designed switching system for your bass pedalboard. Check the review on our channel #basstheworld // #bass #providence @rene_fla
@adamovicbasses alert! 🚨
Super excited! 2 new @adamovicbasses have arrived! πŸ™‚