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Gregor Fris


We play bass, we make videos - mostly bass videos. Check the YouTube channel to find out more:

New video with @hadrienferaud and his @mayonesguitars signature bass is up on our channel. Check it out!
New demo of the Custom Shop Distressed Imperial Fuzz by @solidgoldfx is up on our channel! #basstheworld #imperial #sgfx
We got to review an amazing tube amp by Gold Tone from Greece. Just stunning! @larslehmannbass on bass... check it out! #bass #basstheworld #goldtoneamps
Paisley ❤️
New Forty Eight Bass for our studio has finally arrived from @sandbergguitars Awesome axe! Loads of videos with it to come... 🙂 #sandberg #fortyeight #b
New video is up! @rene_flaechsenhaar plays the The Dark Concept Bass by @adamovicbasses
René and Gregor tested the most affordable beginners basses from @cort_guitars . Check the video on our channel! #basstheworld @rene_flaechsenhaar #cortac
New Video with Mr. @geoffrey_shob from France is up on our channel. Check it out, precious funklords! #basstheworld
The mighty Alpha Omicron has landed! #darkglass #alphaomicron @darkglasselectronics
aaaaaaand this one, too. Yes, 2 friggin new Basses 😎 @kieselcarvinguitars
@kieselcarvinguitars is working on a new bass for us 🦄😀
@mayonesguitars just re-released their Viking Bass! Review is coming soon. Stay tuned! #basstheworld #mayones #viking #guitarsummit