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Bianca Balano


"They call us dreamers but we're the ones who don't sleep" ✨ Currently: Toronto | Next: Cuba, Morocco

I havent travelled for 3 months and this has caused me to be in some sort of existential dilemma. What is this life? What is my purpose? HOW EXTRA, right?
For my familys New Years Eve celebration, I am planning on curating a delectable charcuterie and cheese board with some of my favourite red wine! Im pre
I cant believe the year is coming to an end!!! ✨Whats one of your favourite moments in 2017?
One of mine is standing on the edge of one of the most
I am willing to go alone if I have to. I am willing to confide in myself if I have to. I am willing to go through a wilderness experience to receive my bl
I was just talking to @the_leiover (have you followed him yet? 😏) about aiming my travel itineraries to alternate between lively big cities and charming
The last memorable team building event I had with my colleagues was in Barcelona earlier this year. We had another one today (locally) and as always it was
The starting point of all achievements is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results. Just as a small fire is makes a small amo
When youre trying to cut on carbs (because like abs duh) but there are all sorts of fantastic Italian artisan cheese in the world! Mamma mia! πŸ˜‹Check ou
Summer is undoubtedly my favourite season and during Fall and Winter, I cant help but retreat to more indoor activities. Ive been re-reading a few favour
Im celebrating 30,000 of you ✨ Celebrating a life of full of passion and travel with each one of you! Thank you for being with me in this journey. I can
When you cant agree on your anniversary date so you just celebrate multiple times a year ❀️ #aroundtheworldwithyou
We are currently trip planning
I am truly missing the warmer days and European summer but I cant resist the festivities that surround Halloween! πŸŽƒβœ¨ If youve been watching my stori