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Love the solitary moment


Indonesian born Line : budi_be

Im just getting more and more attached to you, but why do you have to get so worked up?
controls you too much and you accept it,
Despises your interest and you accept it,
Loses interst in you and you didnt realize it,
The Last one is,
lihatlah pada sisi positif,
adalah wujud baiknya tuhan pada kita,
hanya masalah waktu,
hingga kita menemukan bahagia masing-masing.
Too deep, too dark, and too creep
Think about it, we tend to want what we cant have. Once we get it, we dont want it anymore. human.
I hope they put me to holiday inn tonight.
Three of kind
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Her hand in his, he became her tomorrows.
#weddingdress #fujifilm
Ive been thinking about you ...
#mamiyarb67 #grain
To be good while my heart was breaking inside
#fujifilm #ishootraw
what you are looking for is not out there, its in you
#fujifilm #ishootraw
As i promise you that i will always be in one of 3 places of your life
#fujifilm #ishootraw