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Just Loving Life !! ... I'm Guitarwannabee from YouTube .. I do EVH Tributes and race cars .. Follow me on twitter there I'm Guitarwannabee1

I think this says it all
My 2nd all time regret .. my 2001 PV WG Cherry burst .. still hurts all these years later @peaveyelectronics @the_guitar_guru_network @gerd.metzger @scotts
My first biggest regret .. my 2000 Peavey wolf Tran blue .. oh how i miss you #peavey @peaveyelectronics #evh #peaveywolfgang #eddievanhalen @futone @johnn
Then this guy came along and fucked me up forever in 1980 .. The buck stops here folks #eddievanhalen @eddietrunk @eddievanhalen @futone #futone @ernieball
Jamming on the #balance  album while cruising to @greenwichmusic today.  #vanhalen #eddievanhalen #5150 #guitar #cadillac @cadillac #srx #cadillacsrx
I️ am at @greenwichmusic installing @futone #navalbrass saddle  inserts in a couple of 5150’s — giving the 5150’s some Gold teeth ! — I️ must s
Had the pleasure of playing this HP-2 today .. tone monster and the best top I️ have ever seen on a guitar ever !! EVER !! @peaveyelectronics #peaveywolf
Great job Marc Huzanski and Dave Friedman for having a great show .. TONE-TALK .. catch it on YouTube and subscribe ! @marc_tonetalk #tone #brownsound #gui