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I DJ & play violin simultaneously. Get REKT! ORL • NYC • LAS

The day has finally come... Im proud to announce the launch of my shirt company, Shat Tag. It was a long time in the making, but Ive finally gotten every
Just had a dope gig at #GaylordPalms - the theme of the evening? Alice in Wonderland. Hopefully I channeled some of my inner Alice Cooper on violin (or my
Its not too late to post my #wcw - the very @kakigram ! I had the pleasure of playing the Microsoft Envision festival only to find out that she was also o
Since its #fbf on Friday the 13th, heres a selfie post DJ gig.
#fbf #fridaythe13th #fridaynight #paleskin #blonde #girl #model #dj #femaledj #stars #girl
#fbf to werkin it at the after party. Wish I could be doing this again and getting spooky tonight. Stay safe and keep your clovers close 🍀🍀🍀🍀
Ok, something I have to say: I had an absolute freaking BLAST at the #gracehoppercelebration on Friday night. I had been asked to DJ with my friend Bob for