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🇵🇸Palestine 🇵🇸ِRaise Awaraness.. Share the Truth 🇵🇸FB: Eye on Palestine

🍃 Spring in the village of Anabta near Tulkarem city .
مشاهد الربيع من بلدة عنبتا قضاء طولكرم.
Via @alqassambdair
🇵🇸 Explore this Museum in Bethlehem...
استكشف متحف البد في بيت لحم...
DE: Entdecke dieses Museum Bethlehems..
#Filistin :
🇵🇸#Palestine :: Israeli occupation forces released prisoner Majid Taqatqa after spending 16 years in Israeli occupation jails 
الأسير ماجد
🇵🇸#Palestine :: Daily life in the occupied city of of Jerusalem .. Humiliation and body inspections .
من الحياة اليومية في الق
🇵🇸#Palestine :: More than 100  extremist Zionists broke into the yards of Al Aqsa under the protection of occupation forces .
أكثر من ١٠٠
🇵🇸#Palestine :: Photos of the inured Palestinians in the injured Palestinians in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza last night .
 إصابات بقصف ا
🇵🇸#Palestine :: Israeli occupation forces arrested Palestinian child Mahmoud Joudeh ( 13 years old ) after raiding his home in Hezma town at dawn tod
Watch the opinion of the rabbi Shapiro on Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the “eternal capital of the Jewish people”. (swipe)
🇵🇸#Palestine :: #Gaza :: Palestinian medics evacuated the bodies of 2 Palestinian teenagers killed in Israeli airstrike on Rafah last night .
🇵🇸#Palestine :: #Gaza : 2 Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrike on Rafah last night .
‏⁧‫الطواقم الطبية تعثر على
🇵🇸#Palestine :: A Palestinian #photojournalist covers the face of an old woman with his gas mask during clashes followed the funeral of 17 years old
🇵🇸#Palestine :: The sound of the explosions that caused by the recent Israeli airstrikes on Gaza .
أصوات الانفجارات شرق حي ال
🇵🇸#Palestine :: From the Israeli occupation airstrikes that targeted several places in Gaza before a while .
لحظة قصف طائرات الاح
🇵🇸#Palestine :: Daily Life in Hebron .
Israeli occupation forces shot huge amounts of tear gas and forced Palestinians to close their shops at Bab Al
🇵🇸#Palestine :: Number of Israeli soldiers were injured in an explosion near the borders of Gaza .
اصابة عدد من جنود الاحتلال
😅 Caption this .. An Israeli soldier falls into the garbage container during the clashes with unarmed, young Palestinian in the city of Halhoul today.
🇵🇸 Get to know Palestine’s traditional handicrafts!
تعرف على الحرف اليدوية الشعبية في فلسطين
DE: Lern Paläst
🇵🇸#Palestine :: The farewell of martyr Hamza Zamaraa in Halhoul city .
من وداع وتشييع جثمان الشهيد حمزة زماعرة ف
🇵🇸#Palestine :: The moment when Israeli occupation forces assaulted the peaceful demonstration in the 24th anniversary of Al Ibrahimi mosque massacre
🇵🇸#Palestine :: It’s impossible to escape the Israeli 
occupation in Hebron . .
(1, 2), the biggest city in the noccupied West Bank. Israeli settle
🇵🇸Good morning .. From the city of Tulkarem .
أسعد الله صباحكم بكل خير .. من مدينة طولكرم .
#Türkçe : Günayd
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #Scotland :: Stand for #Ahed_Tamimi and Palestinian child prisoners in Israeli occupation jails
Tomorrow 17th of February, #
🇵🇸#Palestine :: Weekly Demonstration In the village of Bodrus west of Ramallh .

موجهات مع جنود الإحتلال ظهر اليوم في
😅 Watch to the end and leave your comment .. From Bab Al Zawya in Hebron today .
تعليقاتكم ... من باب الزاوية في الخليل