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Photo by @brittneybeadle
Brittney Beadle (@brittneybeadle) does not put off anything for tomorrow. “Do it now,” she advises. “Live in the moment and
Photo by @samlaks
“I love connecting with people,” says documentary photographer Samyukta Lakshmi (@samlaks). “I think it’s a privilege when people
Photo by @manumanuti
For Manu Espinosa Nevraumont (@manumanuti), weekends are spent taking photos with friends — and colorful backdrops. “I wanted to e
Photo by @shaina_sullivan
After becoming a stay-at-home mom, Shaina Sullivan (@shaina_sullivan) focused more on capturing everyday moments with her camera,
Video by @domingoxlatarde
The energy and movement of downtown Los Angeles made its way into designer Domingo’s (@domingoxlatarde) #WHPmyeveryday submissi
Photo by @artdr3am
Comfortable, secure, confident in your own skin — this is what body positivity means to Leia Immanuel (@artdr3am). For the past three
Photo by @kutovakika
“Fragmented” was the word that came to mind for Veronika (@kutovakika) when describing her day-to-day life. “Thus, a picture of
Photo by @its_me_zazie
Lines from a poem by Australian poet Erin Hanson provide daily inspiration for Alessandra (@its_me_zazie) and her children: “And y
Photo by @vineet_vohra
Every morning for the past five years, photographer Vineet Vohra (@vineet_vohra) visits the bus terminal to observe “different peo
Photo by @milkwood_permaculture
From the golden pellets of sprouted grain they feed their chickens to the ingredients that make it to their kitchen table f
Photo by @kyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyle
Round and round we go. 🌀 #TheWeekOnInstagram
Photo by @ayane7628
It only took 20 or so jumps for Ayane Motomitsu (@ayane7628) to perfect her form in front of this art exhibit in Japan. 🏊‍♀️ #