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jayothebeatslayer "Your hard work will never pay off if noone knows how hard you work"

This track is PERFECT to listen to today!!! “Control your temper, never have an atittude/ youll always feel better, if you practice grattitude” The bea
Happy Thanksgiving from the beatslayer!! Enjoy your family stay off the phone for a min!! I prolly should be telling myself that!! The
What a movie last night. Went from me feeling drained like I didnt want to go into an incredible event! So many of my peoples showed up last minuete, so ma
What a movie last night!!! Heres a couple of my favorite pics I took. Hit me up if you need some professional amatuer pictures lol, the beat! @wordup.poet
Guess whos bizzack! Still smell rap on my clothes!! Hit me up I’m hosting the next @dowhatittakesshow event Dec 8th at Funkadelic Studios mins away from
@thenotorious_red freestyling the topic about how me and him were a superhero duo. Ha ! He killed it!!!!!! #freestyle #freestyling #supremebars #freestylem
Another test of my freestyle ability tonight!!! This is another level of emcee!!! Wish me luck or come thru enjoy the show!!! The beat!!! #freestylecompeti