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Sometimes you gotta lose to win #noodda #ḧ̤̤̤̤̈̈̈
Some of us think About money so much we try to do everything right Sometime you have to make the wrong choices for the right reasons #NoOdda #historical
The humblest calf suck the most milk ..
#historical #NOODDA #90%loading
#historical #noodda
Was too advance ? Timing ? Whatever  it WAS this project in my opinion is special but thats 3 years ago ... just stay alert  the NEXT project  coming soon
Thank you @betmusicofficial WE CAN made number 12 video of 2017 #noodda #historical
We all got that one friend when god return and make groups if you see them in your group you know you going to hell #historical @bully1 @sugga_teamkranium
Finally figure out the password On my down times I do take photos follow @kraniumlens for cool flicks around the world
The plan is to work smarter not harder ..its crazy I only drop TWO song officially in 2017 #numbersdontlie #historical
Sometime we meet the right person at the wrong time #noodda #historical
Weh some know about mobay ? #Hartstreet