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❤Princess Mia❤


°I am a princess👑 My mommy found me abandoned at a pigsty when I was only 5 weeks old. 📷by my mommy @tamarynmarsden I live in South Africa

Sunday rolls in the sun are my favorite!🐱my granny has taken the liberty of videoing me today!🐈❤😽 hope all my furriends had a wonderful weekend!
You guys like my new collar?🤗 decided I was bored with my old one so I accidentally lost it!😂🙄😉 my meowmy apologises intensely for her absenc
DAY 10! - sleep yoga challenge! They final day has come!😸😱 this is my last entry for the challenge, I absolutely loved this challenge, b
This is my DAY 9 of sleep yoga challenge, I should have posted this on Thursday, I sent it to my mommy who is in Italy, but she has only recei
So my mommy needs to catch up on her sleep yoga challenge! She is now in Italy and has a local sim card, so she has access to my page again
DAY 7- sleep yoga challenge!😸today Im doing my session on my grannies tummy, #cockneycatyogachallenge #catofinstagram
#sleepyoga #sleepyki
My mommy is flying to Italy today, for a five week holiday😢 she says she is going to try keep my page going whilst she is away, but might not be too act
DAY 6- sleep yoga challenge! Today...Im just passed out!😹because its Monday and Im to lazy to do a fancy pose, thats why I love sleep y
DAY 5- sleep yoga challenge today I am demonstrating curling up my toes real cute for my daily entry in the #cockneycatyogachallenge and today
I was tagged by my lovely furriend @nugget1808 to participate in the #profilechallenge , so her is my pic 😸I hope my furriends will join us for the chal
I decided to grace my hooman with my presence and I was feeling generous enough to give her a very rare cuddle...because today is #caturday 😸 I hope all
DAY 4- sleep-yoga challenge! Today I will try touch my toes 😹😜 I love sleep yoga because Im a very lazy kitty! My furriends you should