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I wanted a calm country life full of muted tones & wildflowers. I got suburbia. Messy kids. Too much coffee. Some tears but lots of love & laughter. 💙

Here is a close up of the hot chocolate I make him. Its boo chocolate. Its funny how putting 3 dots on something makes it better! 😂🤣😂 (Swiss M
We sat on the porch drinking hot chocolate the other night. The days are warm still but at night there is a chill in the air but you have to go sit outside
So putting on skeleton makeup means that the kids hide in dark corners and stare disconcertingly at you until you notice them. This is ladybug laying in th
So yesterday we did our annual skele-tea. The last few years it was just skele-tom but this year we added skele-Tina and a couple of skele-animal friends!
Some of the results of their crafting 😂 arent they cute!?
Fall crafts!! Looks like chaos! 😝😂 (do you see my nod to hocus pocus in the background? Jonathan says it looks creepy but I said 1) thats the point
October is full of so many activities and traditions! We always do a fun fall themed smore cookout! I wanted ghost marshmallows but they were all out so I
One last pumpkin patch picture of my ragamuffins 😂🎃❤️