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Red Wing Shoe Store Stockholm


Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-17:00, Sun 12:00-16:00

Iron Rangers resoled and ready to go! Need help with your Red Wings? We can help you! #shoecare #resoled πŸ“· @thekidfromcalifornia
Lace you Red Wing boots with style! This army style is one of my favourites. #bootlace
Red Wing Trucker Wallet & Lanyard in London veg tan. Nice combo! πŸ“· @thekidfromcalifornia #truckerwallet #lanyard
Good news! We’re open as usual this weekend. Friday until 18. Saturday 11-17. Sunday 12-16.  Swing by! The coffee is hot and the shelves are filled.
Arvid looking sharp in his one year old Blacksmith muleskinner.
Fredrik in his 4 years old Iron Ranger 4556. Really cool special modell of the Iron Ranger. New insoles and he is ready to go again! πŸ“· @thekidfromcalifo
Dennis with his fantastic Moc Toes 8882 leaving the store with pair of 8130 in the bag. Nice having you in the store!
Thanks for stopping by our store today! This great Red Wing family came all the way from Singapore. We hope you like your new Moc Toes! πŸ“· @thekidfromcal
Red Wing Heritage under the tree makes everyone happy. Enjoy the day. #redwingheritage
The Clara will go wherever your season takes you. #redwingheritage
Now you can get Filson bags and caps at Red Wing Shoe Store Stockholm! #filsonbag #filson #redwingstockholm πŸ“· @thekidfromcalifornia
Our web shop is of course always open. πŸ‘‰πŸ»