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Whatever the clout chasers/poppin ppl put in their bio | #RileyRandoms | Writes/Raps | Do the hokie pokie

When youre too broke for Wakanda so you pose in front of the bodega and look fake cool and fake not care.
On the flip side, bananas and Coronas are on sal
A Valentines to lovers of audio, heartbreaks & lost love.

Based on a true story. 
Based on real names.
Based on a real vibe.

They both have me blocked (
I dont care as much as i originally planned so this will be short and sweet.

Your son is your king, not bae. Stop posting him on Valentines. That makes
I miss my summer joy.

New installment in the playlist series #ItAllAddsUp
Link in profile bio.

Photography: Madi Dangerously
As long as you compare your progress & success to others, youre gonna remain bitter and miserable. To the point where you cease to make real progress and
Hang 10. Add 2 to it this year.

Photography: Madi Dangerously
Uhhh.... A @rileywrittens/ @joeygold24k collaboration also in #ItAllAddsUp playlist.

Teach Me (prod: @mightyrecordings )

Link in profile bio.

Stay tuned
The look: I mean......the link is in the profile bio. Its there. Go check out some music. When you get done, go to the Bandcamp too. Theres some back cata
If a wrong is pointed out on my end, i apologize.
If there is a misunderstanding on my words, delivery or actions, i apologize.

However, What i wont do i
Thats why some ppl are apprehensive when you correct them. We dont know to maturely do so without calling them names.

Remember: i dont know shit. Neith
Gay Witch Hunt, The Convict, Back From Vacation, The Negotiation, Product Recall & The Job are still my season 3 faves.

#rileyrandoms #Randoms #thoughts #
Niggas be petty.

#rileyrandoms #Randoms #thoughts #opinion
Only young niggas, lost niggas and privileged kids care about that shit.

Meanwhile, were tryna get on featured shows, paid at that. Finish our albums and
No witty captions due to migraine.

Link in profile bio. Play, listen, share.
Stay tuned.

Photography: Madi Dangerously.
Some of yall MCMs is slandering Black Panther from a fake profile b/c theyre jealous you masturbate to Michael B. Jackson or Chadwick Boseman wallpaper.
Follow Back Fridays.
Twitter Jail.
You can crack jokes and no one was easily offended.
Shit was fun.

Bag ladies.
Misogynistic niggas.
Hurt people.
Baggy jeans never died with me. 

Photography: @jahmelr
Also, i have visuals.
Yes. @rileywrittens has visuals. 2 of em. More to come. #ItAllAddsUp

In the meantime, get acquainted with Where My Phone Go.
Song: Fif Floo (Prod: June Blaze)

To those new to the page: hello, holã, hey and whats good.

I go by the name of Riley and i write words that rhyme. T
Bodega Boy. 
Bushwick Boy. 
Brooklyn Boy. 

New Merch, link in profile bio.
New music, on Soundcloud & Bandcamp.

New merch. 1st merch.

Hit up my shop for your #RileyRandoms and get blessed with a discount.

Get fresh by a introverted rap nigga.

Link is in profile bi
Sweat & Stare was an exercise that didnt catch on. Not to my knowledge, at least.

Rat Race (prod: @datoffbeatninja) (mixed: @segnontv) 
Ok, sis.
Mine & Your energy for 2018 and beyond.

#rileyrandoms #Randoms #thoughts #opinion
Simple niggas overlook the clearly problematic shit associated with their favorite rapper/singer/athlete b/c He be getting money tho & but he poppin tho