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Atelier Sanga Wali


➖➖➖➖Feel good jewelry and Apparel ➖➖➖Hand Made & Fair Trade🇨🇮🇺🇸🇫🇷🇬🇭➖➖➖➖We ship Worldwide

✨Getting to know and talk  to our costumers is always the best ✨
✨✨Check out our golden choker pieces ! They are all unique and carry a message ✨✨
Our ultimate best selling pieces! The golden choker
For Religious and/or Spiritual envies
And here is the final result of a cultural mix! See link in bio for more details 🤗
Mandinka golden brass pendant from Cote dIvoire ! See link in bio
Its always in the details! Authentic Akan glass beads straight from Ghana
✨This unisex pair is always fun to be worn as a single earring too for an androgynous look ✨see link in bio
We all have that one friend who always has the most fun accessories ! Tag them
Handmade , LoveMade . See link in bio for more of these cuties
Pink quartz carries feminine energy and symbolizes compassion and peace! Click the link in bio to check out these pieces
Amber crystals is known for clearing phobias and is also a lovely warm stone to wear!  Click the link in bio and Tag someone that would rock it 🤗