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💄Owner of The Makeup School💄 📍Owner of The Microblading Studio📍 Previous MAC Manager - 11 years strong

So blessed to get to see this before they take these amazing sculptures down. I LOVE IT! Makes me so happy!! #ThankYouMannyTheMavic💘
Another fitting pic for what appears to be the theme of my trip—blending into my surroundings. Haha. 
Anyone that knows me knows how much I love bright c
The iconic film location : entrance to Monument Valley. 🎬

Don’t worry I looked both ways before standing in the street for this pic. Haha. #RoadToSun
Ok. I lied. One more. Hahahaha. For real, I’m done. ❤️❤️❤️
Ok last one because I’m so marveled. 😃😍❤️ #TMSSRTravels
Did you know that #AntelopeCanyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, mainly due to flash flooding? Can you believe this magnificent view is all nat
Admiring God’s beautiful creations yet again. Looks like I camouflaged with my surroundings, once again. Haha. This gem was breathtaking—the light beam
Ok. Last one because I’m hangry now. Lol. Couldn’t help but post a few of this scenic beauty! 💁🏼😀
Magical. ✨ Deep thoughts on what I’m going to eat for dinner. Lol.
Oh you know, just hanging out by the river. #HorseShoeBend in all it’s glory. 😜
Oh you know, just blending in with the scenery. Just a typical hiking #OOTD for the thrills of Arizona. Haha. Just you wait for the majestic backdrops you
When you tell your BFF that “we shouldn’t go down there. We’re going to get stuck in the sand” and he doesn’t listen... 3 hours into my vacation,