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Sarah Rillon MUA


💄Owner of The Makeup School💄 📍Owner of The Microblading Studio📍 Previous MAC Manager - 11 years strong

Microblading advice continued... 3) Make sure the company/technician is well versed in the medical background and contraindications of the procedure. For e
For those of you who have been looking into microblading for quite some time or those of you who have just recently discovered it—here are some very help
Please follow this AMAZING human being and read her awesome blog posts. So accurate and informative! Love this beautiful and positive, inspiring lady! Xoxo
So much exciting makeup news to share! Worked a project with this beauty recently and had the time of my life! Hello 2018! ❤️
This lovely client had 3 previous microblading sessions within this past year but was still not satisfied with her overall symmetry, overall strokes and re
Here is the “before” of my clients natural brows and her “after” from her perfection microblading appointment. Restructured her whole face by bring
Finally I remembered to take a series of photos of all of the phases of microblading. As you can see, the results are so much more natural as they heal. Af
My ride for the weekend. Hahahah. 
Ready to do some fabulous brows in this sunny 70-80 degree weather #LosAngeles. And just in time for #IMATS PRO night to
We have been rocking and rolling, even with all of the snow we’ve gotten! We CANNOT wait to share what we have been up to this past weekend! Stay tuned!!
I am falling more and more in love with the #BladedAndShaded technique! This style is perfect for someone who wants more of a naturally dramatic, but subtl
New Year Program Specials! 
For those of you who have been wanting to jumpstart your career in the makeup industry, or you simply need extensive or additio
Forgot to take before pics of this beauty but thank goodness I got some afters. Look at that hair with those beautiful blues! Ahhhh! Skye gravitates to thi