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💭 Indian girl daydreaming in📍Paris 🇫🇷 🌿 Life chronicles | 🕉️ Good vibes | 😶 Ambivert 💌

In love with this cuff bracelet in rose gold from PERDITI ❤️ Authentic rose gold plated jewellery. Go check out their website (tap for details)
Lunch ❤️ Another nice address to eat smart and healthy in Paris
🇫🇷 Bonne adresse à Paris pour manger smart et sain : @liife_eatsmart
First steps of going natural in skincare : 🌿💆
- Argan oil moisturiser
- Apple cider vinegar toner
- Castor oil treatment
Do you use organic skin care
Lunch of the day ❤️ Healthy Thaï curry bowl from @wildandthemoon
🇫🇷 Déjeuner chez @wildandthemoon aujourdhui : Bowl curry Thaï délicieux.
I need a new kitchen for having all these beautiful ceramics ❤️
#empreintesparis #artdelatable #art #artisanal #paris #like4like #likeforlike #finedi
Love for Victorian collars ❤️ I was searching for a dress with Victorian collar for a reasonable price and finally found one, that too on sale!
Je ch
Epiphany cake is one of my favourites. Its a little late for it but I have the whole cake for me this time. No sharing 😁
#almondcake #galettedesrois
Green mask 🌱 I have decided to go organic and buy cruelty-free this year
~Ingredients : neem, chickpea powder, turmeric and milk
Mask green. Jai déc
Spending the morning on bed watching animes. Ive started to watch Fullmetal alchemist yesterday and like it so far. Do you watch animes? ☺️
Its very agreeable to stay inside and read in this weather 😇 Started the second story in this book yesterday. What are you reading currently?
Program of the day : staying on the couch by the fire on this grey day 🌧️ 😴 What are you up to today?
#countryside #aucalme #relax #vacation #dec
Going to test some natural oils before integrating them in my Skincare routine💆 Here, I have got grapeseed, macademia, argan, castor and Jojoba oil. Do
Good evening 🌟 Evenings toward Christmas are the best. Do you have any Christmas movies to get into the spirit?
#christmasseason #sunday #sundayevenin
Comfy sweater 💕 Out for some shopping today. I still have to find gifts for Christmas. Have you finished your Christmas shopping?
#sweaterweather #com