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Valeri Christina


Jewellery Designer Founder @by_vck 📍Based in London, UK 🌎 International Shipping ✉

Hello guys, I will be on holidays during 2 weeks, I cant wait. So if you order items on my Etsy shop from Wednesday 13 September 2017, I will post your pa
When I designed this piece of art I was inspired by the ancient Queens. Red was associated with life, health and victory. You can shop this unique design o
Burgundy is often associated with higher class society. Its rich hue and red shade are interpreted as signifying sophistication. @rabigoncalves is stunnin
You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. Life is so precious as well as your time and energy. Use them wisely 🌹 @by_vck

Its a pleasure to work on the New Collection and be involved in the full process: brainstorming, designing, finding suppliers, creating, taking pictures,
Do you spend time with yourself? Do you listen to your inner voice? This whole journey is not about becoming a new person, but its about revealing what is