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Syrian artist spent 19 months working on a project in which he reimagines world leaders as vulnerable refugees.

For more images of his w
Venezuela is in a state of crisis so bad that opposition leaders have asked President Maduro to allow in humanitarian foreign aid. @karlazabs recently trav
People mourning victims of the attack on an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester have left a sea of flowers and support messages in St Anns Square. 📸: D
Indias coal mines look like a literal hell.

Photo by Souvid Dutta. To see more of his images from the coal mines, go to the link on our bio, or to http:/
What does it mean to be a young black person in South Africa, which still confers advantages on white people in every walk of life, more than two decades a
Shirwan Shikho lost both legs fighting to defend his homeland against ISIS. Now the young husband and father is fighting to get his life back. 
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“It’s not that the Russians are doing something others can’t do,” a US intelligence officer said. “It’s that Russian hackers are willing to go
🎉🎊 Congrats to @warzerjaff and @martinsalicea who are both being honored for their incredible work with the World team at BuzzFeed News this year. Ja
What happens after you come to the United States if you’re a refugee? How do you assimilate? 
Tahmina, 50, from Bangladesh has been in the US for 32 year
This is the view from a ship of volunteers that rescues migrants at sea. Fatalities are at an all time high for those trying to cross the Mediterranean. Mo
Unicode has finally approved an emoji of a woman wearing a hijab, but two women in Dubai wanted to take it a step further. They started the Halla Walla emo
Yevgeniya Zhakar is helping survivors of domestic abuse turn their scars into art. Based in Ufa, Russia, she has been overwhelmed by the number of women tu